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Zippi Tunnel - Single

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With the Zippi Tunnel there are no limits to the size or shape of system that you can build so you can let your imagination - and your pet - run wild!

This is the standard single 90cm flexible Zippi tunnel. It is durable, fully ventilated and predator proof and can be used as a stand alone play & hide accessory or as part of a larger Zippi tunnel system.

Please note that a connector will be required to join the tunnel to your existing Zippi system.

Tunnel Diameter: 180mm (7.1 in)

Please check the tunnels regularly for any wear or damage, especially if the tunnel is bent. Immediately remove the tunnel if you spot any deterioration.

Customer Images

Spring can come
Bunny mansion
From loft to greenhouse
Happy piggies
Tunnels between the garage and outside areas
With 4 tunnels, we can easily overcome a height difference of approx. 1 m.
The tunnel can also be used as a toy inside the enclosure
Safe and secure
Tunnel with outlet...
Bruce's tunnel
A rabbit hiding in his green tunnel
Omlet Zippi tunnel connecting rabbit hutch and run
Added some extra tunnel today so the rabbit can cut the grass for me!!
The Zippi rabbit tunnel is very discreet and blends into the garden.
Zippi tunnel connecting two rabbit runs
Increases floor space and the perfect place to hide and snooze.
Rabbit in Omlet outdoor rabbit run with Omlet Zippi tunnel
Rabbit getting in Omlet Zippi tunnel
Rabbit in Omlet Zippi tunnel

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Zippi Tunnel - Single

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