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Saved my sanity this summer! - Janet, Hambleton, Poulton-Le-Fylde,

After spending the first few weeks rising at 5.30am to let the girls out of the coop and into the run, it dawned on me that the sun was only going to rise earlier. What a relief when the door was fitted. I admit to worrying (absolutely unnecessarily) as to its reliability to a) open up when it should, and b) not to trap a chook in the process. It has been brilliant; it hasn’t, as some chicken-owners worry, stopped us from interacting with them. It has meant, though, that we can do so well-rested and on our timetable. Recommended unreservedly!

Fantastic! - Vicki,

I fitted this myself onto my girls’ wooden coop. It fits perfectly and was very easy to install. It has meant I can leave them for a night and know that they are safe. It seems expensive at first glance, but I bought the reconditioned one, which was immaculate, for £99, and I’m so pleased I did. Peace of mind, and looks cool too. Perfect.

Dont hesitate - buy this!!!! - Joanne,

I had a friend help me fit the door as I found it a little tricky. Now it's fitted - the automatic door is life changing !!!!!!! Never before could i have a lay in at the weekends and in the evenings i would have to wait for my chooks to go to bed before I could!!!! Cant recommend highly enough - I think the price is reasonable as it's a really good investment. Don't hesitate - get one!!

Excellent product - John,

Easy to install and works brilliantly.

Safety measure - Sue, STS,

This automatic door is excellent as set for when it gets dark and closrs then once light opens again. The battery life is superb. Nice to know chicks are locked in safely and saves me having to go down the garden in the dark. Makes life a lot easier

Great product - Mike,

A great product, works just as advertised

Expensive but worth every penny - Graeme,

Sceptical to say the least, £150 for a hen door!! This door is amazing, comes pre set and ready to go gives you the freedom you need when owning hens, works faultlessley.

Good but overly complex - Rich,

I would say that the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door does what it says it does. It works and the safety feature also works. That's why I gave it four stars. What I didn't like was the overly simplistic yet overly complicated installation instructions. Most instructions consisted of a one-liner for each step, when I paragraph would have made things clearer. The illustrations were often not helpful. A detailed, step-by-step installation video would be much more helpful. Also, when it came to programming, adjusting the light setting based on lux values was non-intuitive.

Perfect fit - Tracey,

Works a treat

Auto door no more early ups - George,

The auto door is a good idea and works well both opening and closing, however my chickens took a dislike to it after a couple of weeks and wouldnt go to bed, we had to catch them and put them to bed. So good idea but not for my chickens

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