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Total peace of mind. - Hywel,

Have a lie in every morning and avoid that evening walk in the dark. Very well designed and made. A brilliantly simple and very effective device. It was easy to install and worked straight out of the box. Trust the factory settings - there’s no need to tinker! This device offers total peace of mind, knowing that the chickens are safely in their coop or out in the field. The door is even sheep proof - just make sure that the cable is secured. Unfortunately Mr Fox will be disappointed.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

Brilliant - Alice,

I have just purchased the cube, and also the automatic door. I just love it and it is so easy to set up Much easier than the chicken guard timer that took ages to get right, It doesn’t really matter what colour you choose as you don’t see it as it’s on inside of our new cube. Well impressed

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

windbreak - Linda, Staffs,

excellent product. fits perfectly, My chickens have a cosy place hen the wind and rain is hitting the coop sideways on. Very pleased with it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

- Nina,

Amazing product has made my life easier knowing they are safely locked up at night and let out in the morning. Easy to fit a fantastic product!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Eggcellent! - Rosie,

So wish I brought this ages ago! My girls have taken to it straight away. The noise of the door opening & closing doesn’t affect them at all. This door gives me a bit of freedom back as I don’t have to come home in the dark worried their house is wide open. I now come home knowing they are tucked up, warm, dry & safe and I love going out in the morning to see them all up running down to see me. If you’re having any doubts, don’t! It will change the way you look after your girls forever and give you your mornings back. Thank you Omlet!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Excellent - Julie,

Read all the reviews on this door and everyone seemed happy so I purchased one. I only have a small wooden coop and run attached. I have 2 to 4 chickens. Fitting the door was ok. I had to take the old one off and fit this over the gap. Just about managed it - smaller hole than recommended. Doesn’t stop the girls getting in and out. Thoroughly recommend this product I now don’t have to get up early to let them out or go out in the dark to shut them in.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Works great - Flemming,

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

I doubt I would have our lovely Chooks were it not for our Omlet self closing door - Jill,

The major hassle of of not being able to go away without finding someone to open and close the hens coop is removed and we can leave them unattended with alacrity. Our neighbours daughter icomes to collect the eggs, check the food and water and we know they are safe at night. We watch with wonder as one by one they climb the ladder and settle on the roost and then as if by magic the door closes and they are safe for the night.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

coop door - Ian,

fantastic every thing i wanted

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Great product - Mel,

Great to finally have a sideways sliding automatic door at a reasonable on the market. Our girls quickly got used to it and we haven't had any problems with since we installed it a couple of months ago. Installation and instructions easy to follow.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

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