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Chickens and myself very happy with our new purchase - Jane,

New Eglu go in purple - Teresa,

I bought a second hand Eglu Classic that the seller had lost the roost bars to, which was no problem as i purchased replacements from Omlet. I found it easy to clean out and move around by myself. So it was no surprise I when i was tempted to buy a new Eglu Go via a special offer deal by Omlet which made it comparable to a second hand one without having to wait for one to appear on a used item website. Very pleased with my purchase quick to put together single handed. The 3 extra new hens are happy in it and if i wish can convert it to a guinea pig house if i decide to up grade to an Eglu Cube.

It had to be easy to clean - Stephanie,

My ducks splash mud all over this thing, which takes a bit of scrubbing to dislodge (I have oddly tenacious mud), but I love that mud (and worse) rinses off with the hose. My three ducklings liked it when the merely spent days outside in the run, and took right to it when they moved out full time. I got home after dark tonight and they were all inside, asleep until I shut the door and disturbed them :) It's cute and I feel they are safe and secure at night.

Great - Soo,

My girls love this coop. It's cool inside even in 35 degree heat. And it's fantastically easy to clean.

Brilliant - Loulou,

I purchased this coop for my 5 bantams, as there wooden one was riddled with red mite this year, My son said it was the most easiest to clean with a bit of washing up liquid and best of all you can completely dry it regarding the weather using kitchen roll or rags etc you do not have to rely on the weather like you do for the wooden ones and each time it is clean it looks like new it is very accessible from the rear end I know the chicks love it because when it is getting cleaned out they are not happy but when it is done they are straight in there checking everything is ok we love the way the door opens and shut with the secure bolt which will not loosen in the wind very well designed with chicks in mind we are very pleased

Great product - Jennifer, QLD,

Ourgirls r loving there eglu....Great in wet and cold. Hoping it is as good in the heat. Have put a small piece of carpet inside for my Rhode Island red as it helps with her arthritic feet.

great little house - Lewis, Bedfordshire,

I needed a small house to isolate a new chicken who was bullying the others for a few days. This was just the job and it will be useful as a spare house or shelter in the run over the winter. I would only use it for a maximum of 2 chickens. It's not possible to put much bedding in as it drops through the floor and prevents you sliding out the bottom tray for poo-picking. I will probably place it on a stand/table with a ladder to make access easier. The girls find if difficult to reach the food in the container (with or without the lid) as the front is higher than the back, their solution is to climb inside and get it off onto the ground - feed everywhere! The design of the feeder which comes with the Omlet walk in run is really good so its a shame that did not come with this house. Quality is good as always and delivery very quick.

Love it - Emily,

I love this this Eglu Go. The hens love it and they settled in straight away. We use ours as just a house and they have a large enclosure to roam about and they just love sitting on the top of this too. I've purchased the perch too and this works great. After a few nights we now have 3 out 4 sleeping on the perch and 1 sleeping next to them on top of the Eglu. Easy to clean. Much easlier than the old wooden thing we had before. It takes me half the time. Chicken lay their eggs in the correct area and seem to have a sleep in their too. Will purchase from you again. Thank you Omlet

Brilliant chicken house but give yourself plenty of time to build it - Catherine,

We upgraded from a regular eglu and are very happy with the go up which we find much easier to access and clean. It was quite a mission to build though especially compared to the eglu we’d had before.

Used as my baby coop - Michelle, New Jersey,

I use this for baby chicks too big for the brooder but not big enough for the main henhouse. It has proven quite safe from predators. However since it sits on the ground, cleaning is not as easy as the models that are elevated. To clean or collect eggs requires the tray to be slid out at grass level. However once out, a strong spray with water is pretty much all that's needed. Since I use it for not fully grown hens, it's perfect for me. If used as a permanent coop, I would say 3 average size chickens is it. As a transition, like mine, 5. The coop was very easy to assemble. The run was a bit annoying, mostly because I have arthritic thumbs and it required a lot of clip snapping. But the directions weren't too difficult. Took me 3 hours all by myself.

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