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Eglu Go Green chicken box - An Omleteer,

We ordered the box with 2 chickens. The staff, both on the phone and in person were always very friendly and efficient. The Eglu is great and very fox proof and the chickens are already laying and being very friendly! A great success!!

eglu go - An Omleteer,

We've wanted hens for a long time and finally they are housed in our garden. Its great to see them every morning when we wake up in anticipation of some fresh eggs. They are very happy in their eglu go - which makes looking after them very easy - it's easy to clean and access their eggs without too much fuss - a great product well done omlet

Eglu Go - An Omleteer,

The eglu was very easy to put together and was quite quick to build. The run however, was more difficult, particularly the brackets which attach it to the eglu. The estimated time was 60 mins to construct. It actually took us over two hours! The chickens settled in very quickly, and now recognise this as home. So far, no complaints from them!. It is very easy to clean and I have found it reasonably easy to move around the garden.

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