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Welcome to the Omlet Breeds Directory. There is lots of information about the various breeds of all kinds of pets, including history, behavour, health conditions and much more.

Bee Types

Bees are endless fascinating and colourful insects with lots of breeds and sub breeds to discover. You can also find bees for sale in your local area including Nucleus Colonies, Full Colonies and Queens.

Chicken Breeds

Can you spot a Brahma at 50 paces or do you know where the Araucana chicken comes from? You can learn about a wonderful selection of chickens with our comprehensive breed directory.

Duck Breeds

Quackers about ducks then you are in the right place to find who the Aylesbury duckers are and which duck lays black eggs. It's all here in our splendid Duck directory.

Guinea Pig Breeds

There are hundreds of breeds of guinea pigs, but in our concise guinea pig directory you can read and see pictures of the most popular breeds - including the fabulously hairy Peruvian to the glossy coated Self.

Rabbit Breeds

The rabbit world is has some facinating breeds from the delightfully fluffy Angora to the smooth and velvety rex. Take a few minutes to look through.