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Latest Reviews For Wasp (5 of 5)

I have pet northern wasps :D - Random,

super fun to watch never stung by my wasps very friendly

Very Mean - Fred, Nevada,

I usually don't even have to wear my beekeeper suit around my bees, but wasps are an entirely different story. The moment I opened their chamber they all flew out and swarmed me, even after I smoked them.

wasps are valuable - Elsie,

Wasps destroy many flies, on which they feed their larvae - so please don't destroy their beautifully constructed nests wantonly. They will only attack if aggravated.

Horrible - Fenner,

Watch out hey will sting when you're not watching them!

not as bad as people think - Colin,

i have 2 wasp nests in my garden, i can go to where they nest and all they do is investigate, i have only been stung once by them this year and there is loads about. we have plenty of blossoming bushes that keep them going.