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Bringing a Pet Bird Home

Transporting a pet bird home is straightforward, as long as you have a suitable finch-carrying box and somewhere to put it during the journey. Minimising stress is important, so you need something in which the bird can crouch comfortably in the dark. Most shops and sellers will provide a carrying box, but you can’t take this for granted. Check beforehand, and if you have to rig up something yourself, use a shoebox or similar, with a towel inside to stop the bird slipping around. The box should have plenty of air holes, but nothing large enough to let the bird escape. It needs to be placed somewhere secure during the journey – on the lap of a passenger, or securely on a seat or on the floor. Smaller boxes may fit snugly in the glove box, while larger ones can be secured to the seat with a seatbelt. Don’t put the box in the boot, though, as car fumes may kill the birds.

Bird carrying box
A standard bird-carrying box

It’s best not to transport new birds in a cage, even one with a cover to help keep them calm, as the contents will be shaken around too much on your journey.

Once at home, place the opening of the box against the open door of the cage, and allow the bird to move from A to B in his own time. Tipping or shaking will traumatise him, so be patient!

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