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How Many Rabbits Make a Home?

Rabbits live in big groups in the wild and your domestic rabbit will also enjoy the company of other rabbits. In fact a single rabbit will get lonely unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time with it. So a pair of rabbits is a good plan as they can keep each other company.

The next question is boys or girls? Well, one of each will generally make the best long term companions. BUT! Unless you want to breed from them, you must have them both neutered - an operation that your vet can do. Two girls can be very competitive, however they do have the advantage that they won\'t be able to breed. The same is true for two males who will often live happily together, especially two brothers who have been reared together. If they do become aggressive towards one another after puberty (at about 3 months old) it may be necessary to have them castrated.

Remember - if you keep males and females together without having them neutered you must be prepared for a sudden increase in the number of rabbits you've got! Breeding is not an area that should be entered into lightly.

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Indiana, 25 February 2022

I have several males and females that run together. I started them in a pin with a hutch. after about one month they tunneled out. So I built an entrance at the hole. Since then they’ve established a couple different colonies. I have had a few different litters. I caught a male killing one of the babies. The mail did not like other competition. It brings a smile to my heart every time I feed the bunnies the babies hopping around. Their team for the most part I can pet all of them.

Julesm, 26 November 2014

Yep. They're good eating.

Ana, 11 November 2013

I have a dutch rabbit. I do not really see rabbit as pets