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Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 2.15m - 2.60m

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Suitable for Outdoor Freestyle

The Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree is a customisable, space efficient, fun and weatherproof play system for both indoor and outdoor cats. Choose from a wide range of fun, practical and durable accessories to create an outdoor cat tree tower that encourages your pets to live out their natural instincts to scratch, jump, climb and play.

The extendable vertical poles form the core of the Freestyle Cat Tree to which platforms, scratching posts and other accessories can be added. Multiple poles can be linked together using ramps, bridges or horizontal poles, so that you can create a dream play area for your cat.

This vertical pole kit is suitable for run roof heights from 2.15m - 2.60m.

Customer Images

We love our cat andshe lovers her new catpole~
We are very happy with the outdoor climbing pole. it is now in the kitchen until the cats can Go to the run outside. this way, we can enjoy the climbing pole all seasons. we will probably expand it in the future.
Ooo look, we have neighbours!
Tofu pole kit 1

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Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 2.15m - 2.60m

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