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Skep Hive Large -

Very good size. Will have no problem in housing a prime swarm for transport to a new home. The entrance hole cut into it will probably be the first area to see signs of ageing (as with most skeps), but a couple of cable ties will sort that out. Although early days, I would recommend this a well made skep - definitely a lot better than my attempts at building my own!

The best feeder I’ve ever had -

This feeder is the best feeder I’ve ever had. It’s robust, easy to clean and if you give the lid a bit of a downwards thump, it clicks into place and will not blow off, even in high wind. I use this feeder for pellets, which always stay dry, plus there seems to be less bullying, due to the design which allows hens to put their heads inside the feeder, but more difficult to peck the neighbours. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone.


We love this hamster cage! More importantly, Fluffy loves it too.

Brilliant, so happy with my purchase! -

This is my first time owning gerbils and I knew that I wanted to get a cage that would be as humane as possible and this definitely gave me that! I have two gerbils in this cage and they absolutely love it. I don’t use the bowl that you get as it’s plastic and my gerbils are not interested in the wheel strangely but the little water bottle is perfect. One gerbil took to the central tube really easily and within a day was using it but the other gerbil took a couple of weeks. To combat the issue I took the tube out, laid it down in the bottom of the cage for the gerbil to get used to going through it ( used a climbing frame from pets at home in the meantime so they could still get to both levels) and then put it back in place when I noticed him sleeping in it (this took about 10 days so don’t worry) as I new he was no longer scared and this worked an absolute treat as he was going up and down it instantly! Loads of room to play and burrow at the bottom and plenty of room for a hideaway, sand bath, water bottle and eating area at the top. The storage space underneath is so handy and well worth the extra £10 to have it. Assembly wasn’t too bad but I did have help from my dad who is a builder for a living so that might be biased, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s as easy as ikea furniture but it is doable. A couple of things that are preventing me giving this 5 starts is that cleaning is not as straightforward as advertised if you are like me and like to be thorough however I only clean it out about once a month due to cleaning the sand bath out weekly so this is not really a big deal. The second thing stopping this being 5 star is because I would like the possibility to buy a double version of this but again this is matter of opinion and if I really wanted to I could buy another and have them put together. Overall this is an amazing cage and would recommend it to anyone regardless of a few personal and picky thoughts. Even my vet said how great it was!

Run Door self fit Kit -

Good idea but would benefit from opening outwards. I made some modifications to achieve this.

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