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Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 1 panel extension kit

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Give your rabbits more space with Zippi Rabbit Platforms from Omlet. Designed to easily clip onto Zippi Runs, these strong platforms enrich your bunny’s run with new areas to explore. Hopping up and down the ramp will strengthen your pet’s muscles and by adding a Zippi Shelter and Caddi Treat Holder you can stimulate more of their senses in new and exciting ways. Adapt and expand your Zippi Rabbit Platform set up at any time to create new playgrounds for your rabbits to enjoy.

This 1 panel extension kit includes one floor panel, which can fit to a Double Height Zippi Run with an existing Zippi Platform of at least two panels to fit an extended run of 3 panels wide. It also includes a middle support panel to attach to the underside of the platform and the other panels’ supports for additional stability.

Note: Allow two run panel lengths (96cm) for the rabbit to safely run down the ramp. Zippi Platforms should be fitted to a double height run for rabbits.

Find out more about Zippi Rabbit Platforms here.

Floor panel space: additional 48.4 x 48.4 cm
Panel thickness: 2.5 cm

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Floppy and hazels new extension
Breakfast in the loft :)

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Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 1 panel extension kit

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