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Excellent - SOMERSET,

Easy to fit and set up The door has worked perfectly since fitting Certainly saves time walking down to close the coop each night We have set up a camera so it’s a quick check each night to make sure the all make it in Which the have all done since fitting the light and the door Spot on purchase


Love this door -

Had it about 1 month. Very easy to put together, and to program. I had a small piece that was broke in shipping. Customer service was great. My chicks love the door. They come out of coop when sun comes up. They free range and are in and safe if I am out late. Great product.

Coop light -

Love the coop light only thing I recommend is to make the cord longer . I exstended mine a extra 20 ft and it works great !

Best investment for my chicken -

This door gives me reassurance that my chicken are safe. I don't need to stress about closing them in or the raccoon will get them. And it's great that in the morning I dont need to go out first thing to let them out. I absolutely love it!

Excellent - Michigan,

Not sure why we didn’t purchase sooner. Works very well and gives piece of mind. Good value for our beloved hens.

Love it! -

Works great and super easy to install and program.


The door looks great, easy installation. Set up was a breeze. Works great.

Reliable & safe door! -

I got tired of getting up early to let my hens out into their chicken run, so I decided to get this door. I ended up getting this door and am so glad I did! I can set the open and close times based on the season/days. My hens got used to it very quickly. It also has a safety feature to make sure they don't get injured with the door closing. I love that it is battery-operated, too!

Fabulous! - Massachusetts,

Once we refreshed our wooden coop entrance thus was a dream to install. We have had fox & coyote visitors at night and now feel the girls are secure. We have it set on the auto light setting & only the first night did 1 hen get left out. She was tucked in every night since. We’ve had it set up for 3 weeks. Very happy! Wish there was a solar panel option.

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