Feather Loss

When a chicken is about a year old she will start to lose her feathers but don\'t panic, this is meant to happen. She is moulting. This is a completely harmless process of plumage rejuvenation.

Most fashion-conscious chickens will try to coincide this with the annual autumn Paris Fashion Week so that they know what next seasons must-have colour is going to be.

They will then spend between 4 and 6 weeks completing their new look. As with most women, even if you can't see any difference, you must compliment your chicken on how wonderful her new feather-style is. If you don't, she may well sulk and refuse to lay you any eggs.

Make sure the birds are well fed during this period as it takes a lot of energy to grow new feathers.

Because of all the energy taking up with moulting, your chickens will stop laying until their new feathers have grown. It is also important to remember not to clip your chickens wings when they are moulting.

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Natalie, 2 April 2014

thanks for this advice I noticed a bald patch on my chickens breast and was beginning to worry.

Hilary, 19 October 2013

thank-you this was very helpful as I am a newbie owner of three gorgeous pekin bantam girls and have noticed in the past couple of wks lots of their feathers round the garden and in their house, was bit concerned as to the reason so this has put my mind at rest :)

Your, 24 November 2012

Thank you for the info and photos. I'm new to all this and wondered what was wrong! I have been feeding more and now new feathers are on their way. Rice and scrambled eggs has gone down a treat. Sue.

Sammy, 8 September 2012

Yes, brilliant article. Just noticed my hen was moulting and I did comment on her lovely new feathers growing, so I hope she took it as a compliment. Off to buy some goodies for them to keep their energy up.

Debi, 24 May 2012

This made me laugh. I'll remember to tell my hens how nice they look!

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