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Compare Your Eggs to Commercial Eggs

When you buy eggs, what does Class 1 mean? The different classes denote different egg sizes as follows.

Traditional sizes:
Class - Weight(g)

0 - >75
1 - 70-75
2 - 65-70
3 - 60-65
4 - 55-60
5 - 50-55
6 - 45-50
7 - <45

Modern sizes:
Size - Weight (g)

Very large (XL) - >73
Large (L) - 63-73
Medium (M) - 53-63
Small (S) - <53

Why do my chickens sometimes lay tiny eggs?
You may find a really small egg. This is caused by a foreign object taking the place of a yolk in the egg laying process.

Customer Images

Comparing eggs
Eggs from my girls
Bantam, Cochin, Sex Link, & Barred Rock
Wind egg laid by my white leghorn
Lovely coloured eggs from my rescued girls
Varying sizes of eggs from 3 of my ex battery girls
6 beautiful eggs
lots of eggs
One of our 7 month old hens excelled herself this morning!
first three eggs - the big one was a double yolker!
One of my hens lays huuuge eggs!
a place to rest
tiny breakfast
my hens lay in small med and large
What a whopper (92 grms)?
Three eggs
6 eggs in a eggbox
Hand and egg


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