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A Ruthless Professional

It would sometimes seem that the urban fox is not even related to the country fox. Whereas the country fox is apparantly only seen as a pest, chased on horseback and shot at; the other is encouraged to come into the garden and given an endless supply of dustbin burger and left over fries.
Why are there such different opinions about this little furry creature? The difference is simply down to whether or not you keep chickens. If you do, the fox is a predator rather than a picture opportunity. If anything a town fox is even more brazen in his hunting than a country fox, being used to having the freedom of the city and no natural predator of his own.

What else do foxes eat?
Foxes eat a wide range of things from mammals and birds to insects, worms and vegetables. There is an increasing problem with foxes in urban areas scavenging for food in dustbins. You should avoid leaving anything tempting lying around for the foxes, even fruit that has fallen from trees and spilt bird food will alert them to a potential feeding site.

Unfortunately foxes don\'t just kill for hunger\'s sake. Whole flocks of chickens have been destroyed by one fox, even though it probably only ate one of them.

Tell-tale signs
Scraped damage to your lawn. Foxes will scratch up grass to find tasty bug and beetle morsels.
Droppings containing lots of berries or pips.
Screaming in the late evening and night. The sound of a fox can be unnerving as it sounds similar to a childlike scream.

Your chickens!
It is great to let your chickens out of the run as often as possible, but if you suspect any fox activity make sure that you only let them out when you are around. The fox will not approach if he senses human activity.

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Unknown, 25 March 2021

foxes DO just kill for hunger's sake! the reason they leave loads of dead chickens around is because they get spooked before they can collect their bodies to cache them

Opcdance, 19 April 2014

Strom! Wir haben unseren Hühnergarten (ca. 900 m²) eingestromt. Funktioniert prächtig.

Isobel, 2 April 2012

Foxes won't come if they sense human activity - apart from that one last week that calmly walked past my husband me as we dug our vegetable patch in our field heading straight for my eglus!