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Is It a Girl or a Boy?!

When buying rabbits you will probably be looking for a male and a female. As well as asking the person selling the rabbits it is very sensible to have a check yourself as well.

It is probably sensible to ask the person selling it to hold the rabbit while you have a look at its genital area. A male rabbit has a round opening and a female rabbit has a slit.

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Kat, 18 May 2016

In my opinion when you check a rabbit when it is young and then when you check it when it is older if it was a girl it could turn into a boy or the other way around! So before you tell anybody what it is MAKE SURE!!!!

Ann, 13 June 2012

very useful information, i have a 6 months old rabbit lop eared, he is lovley so this has been very helpfull