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When the End Finally Comes..

Rabbits will usually live for somewhere between 8 and 12 years. Sometimes your rabbit may not be well or behave unusually in which case you should take it to your vet for an examination. This may highlight a problem that your vet can advise a treatment for. Don\'t delay doing this because catching problems earlier makes them easier to treat and minimises your rabbit\'s discomfort.

If your rabbit is not responding to treatment then your vet may advise you that it is kinder to the animal to have it put down. The vet will administer an injection which will send your rabbit gently off to a permanent sleep. It costs around £10 and is a service offered by all vets.

However your rabbit has passed from this world into the next, it is important that it is laid to rest in the appropriate way.

There are two ways to perform a proper rabbit burial:
Go to a vet for a cremation. This will cost around £7
You could bury it in the garden, perhaps under a favourite tree or bush, however be advised that Government Regulations forbid this.

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Lee, 26 January 2022

Hi can you tell me why when i google the cost to put a rabbit to sleep i get a price of £10 but the vets i. My town want to charge £80 i have called 3 vets in my town and the cheapest quote was 60 i think that this is a ridiculous price that i can not afford and now have no idea what to do

Gia, 29 November 2021

I know this is an old post, but I decided to post so that people could get a more accurate dollar amount on how much they might be spending on euthanasia & cremation in the U.S. I've had both services performed over the years, abd the costs will run much closer to anywhere from about 95 to 350 for euthanasia, depending on where you are, and depending on the vet. Rabbits are classified as 'exotics', and exotic animal vets will always be more expensive than a regular cat & dog vet, and rabbits will always only be seen by an exotics vet. Cremation doesn't matter, as far as the type of animal goes, it's usually priced by size & weight, and will run between, about, 65 to 300; again depending on where you are in the U.S., and whether you use the vet's office that euthanised your rabbit, or go through a crematorium of your own choosing. Also, the cost will depend on whether you prefer private, individual, or don't mind group cremation. Call around, and gather the info from a few vets before make a decision! And, also ask about what the procedures are, where euthanasia is concerned... whether you can stay with your rabbit until the very end, if you use the vet's cremation services, ask for the name of the company (it's usually a 3rd party), so that you can look up reviews, if you want, etc. Hope this information further helps anyone looking for information, and happen to land on this page ????

Ila, 18 December 2015

It's perfectly legal to bury a pet in the garden of the property where that pet lived, provided that you own the property and that the remains are not deemed to be hazardous. See: or

Sue, 7 October 2014

We were charged £80 for having our rabbit put to sleep

Christine, 12 January 2014

It is less upsetting to go for cremation.I have done both ways. I would not bury an animal in the garden again.