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Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

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With the Zippi Tunnel there are no limits to the size or shape of system that you can build so you can let your imagination - and your pet - run wild!

This pack contains a twin pack of 90cm flexible Zippi tunnels with an angled connector and door frame kit (including lock-out door). This allows you to connect the tunnel to a hutch or angled run. Also included is a pair of straight connectors and a door frame so that you can attach the other end to a run or playpen.

Tunnel Diameter: 180mm (7.1 in)

Please check the tunnels regularly for any wear or damage, especially if the tunnel is bent. Immediately remove the tunnel if you spot any deterioration.

Customer Images

Spoiled guinea pigs live here!
Honey’s first time through the tunnel
The run and tunnel were very quickly accepted by the piggies.
The Zippi tunnel connects the stall with the run.
Rabbit galleries ????
Bunnies loving their new Omlet set up with amazing tunnels!
A green tunnel linked to the rabbit run of a hutch
A green tunnel connecting two rabbit enclosures
We used a door to connect to both cat flap and hutch then added to t section to Go down to a run on the grass
Omlet Zippi tunnel connected to rabbit run
Different view!
Shed to run with t junction
Being brave & following my brother!
Happy bunny
Jersey the guinea pig in her Omlet Zippi tunnel
The guinea pigs arriving in their new run courtesy of their Zippi Omlet tunnel
Our Omlet Zippi tunnel system
Omlet Zippi tunnel keeping the local predators at bay.
A black and white rabbit in a run with a Zippi tunnel leading to it
A large wooden rabbit hutch with a Zippi tunnel attached to in
Eglu Go hutch to Zippi run
Omlet green Eglu Go rabbit hutch connected to Omlet walk in rabbit run and Omlet Zippi tunnel connected to run
Zippi tunnel
First time through the tunnel :)
Omlet green Eglu Go rabbit hutch and run connected to Omlet Zippi rabbit playpen with Omlet Zippi tunnel
Omlet walk in rabbit run connected to run with Omlet Zippi tunnel
Zippi run and tunnel
Zippi run and tunnel

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Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

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