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Mallard Ducks

Mallard History

This duck is thought to have provided the breeding stock for most of today\'s breeds except the Muscovy. The mallard is the best known and possibly most abundant wild duck in the Northern Hemisphere and with their trademark \'quack\' call, are one of the most recognized of all the ducks. If you went to Oxford or Cambridge you might call this duck an \'Anas Platyrhynchos\' from Latin Anas (duck) and from Greek Platys (broad or flat) and rynchos (beak)

Mallard Behaviour

Mallards are easily domesticated although they can be quite noisy birds.

Mallard Varieties

The originally wild ducks were Grey in colour although there are now other colours such as White, Golden, Pastel and Blue Fawn.

Mallard Pictures

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great!! :D - Bob,

they r amazing...! really friendly and great as pets! :)

Breeder Clubs for Mallard

British Waterfowl Association



Telephone: 01892 740212

Domestic Waterfowl Club



Telephone: 01488 638014