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Chickens, Cats and Dogs

Chickens tend to be braver than you think! Household pets such as cats and dogs will soon get used to the novelty of new birds in the garden. They will potter round the garden together quite happily. We suggest that if you have any doubts as to whether your dogs will get on with the chickens, you introduce them to the dog on a lead.

We have had experience of a pair of chickens that quite easily held their own against a very determined German Shepherd puppy. A couple of pecks on the nose usually saw him off for a little while! Two or three chickens wandering around together can prove a formidable foe for sensitive noses.

Customer Images

A large black and white dog surrounded by a flock of chickens
Chickens, cat and dog - enjoying the sunshine
Tia (dog) making friends with Jenny n Penny
Chickens and cat in garden
Chickens and cat in garden
Cora checking out the cat!
Moving into the new home
Buster & Priscilla
Cat and chickens sharing a bowl of scrambled eggs!
Absynthe meeting her new chicken friends for the first time!
introducing our cat to the chickens. we still don't know who was most scared
Chicken & Cat
Rabbit and two chickens eating off of ground
A dog eating the chickens food.


Paula, 18 April 2019

Hi there, has anyone had any experience of the hen hormone implant? Thanks in advance

Bhav, 11 November 2012

I started out by putting a long string on my dog's collar and grabbing/stomping on it if he was getting too excited around the chickens (often because he loved sniffing their bums!) . Eventually, I saw that the chickens readily pecked him to ward him off and sometimes did this so violently that it was my dog who needed rescuing!!

Linda, 16 February 2012

Thank you for the advice I am adopting some chickens soon and I have a dog and cat so I needed the advice you are giving.