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Who Rules the Roost?

Every henhouse has a pecking order which is established early on and then again if a new chicken is introduced to the clutch. This ritual can be quite vicious but they will very quickly settle down. You should not interfere unless one chicken is being denied food or water. If this does happen, put out an extra food and water supply away from the primary source.

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Chicken in garden
6 week old silver spangled hamberg bantam chicks


Kirsteen, 6 May 2017

Interesting information on the history of chickens. Thank you.

Jane, 7 October 2014

We had two hens and introduced two more. It was awful. The first two tormented the new ones, wouldn't let them eat or drink and chased them around the run. We thought that we had made a terrible mistake until the third day when everything suddenly settled down. They now live together peacefully and seem to be thriving.

Julie, 30 March 2012

Help, I have two warrens 1year old. I introduced two more warrens at POL and it's like a war zone. The old ones won't let the new ones out of the roost, but are happy to sleep with them. One of the new birds has had some plucked neck feathers, but no blood just a bald patch. Currently have new girls in usual area and old birds in run adjacent. How long before I can try introducing them again? Do I wait until they are indifferent to each other?

Tina, 23 August 2011

Our oringinal 2 pepperpots were 12 months old when we added 2 newcomers, they were very agressive to these and we had to separate them during the day and only put them together when rootsting.this went on for over 2 weeks and we were just about to give up having tried various sprays etc. Then suddenly everyting was calm and pecking order was in place! The now all get on fine.