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The Perfect Boiled Egg

One of life's beautiful pleasures, the perfect boiled egg allows you to enjoy a few stolen moments to yourself.

Provided that someone has not beaten you to it, collect an egg from your eglu. Get some water on the go and slice some bread. Put the egg in the gently simmering water and pop the bread in the toaster. You will have more success if the egg is either still warm from the nest or at room temperature and the water isn't bubbling like a jacuzzi.
When the toast is ready, butter and cut into soldiers. Your egg should be just right now, so lift it gently out of the water and place in a ceramic egg cup.
Just a couple of details will really locate this dish on the map of excellence: always use a horn spoon as metal conducts heat away from the egg too quickly and spoils the taste, use good quality salt (like Maldon sea salt) and a big linen napkin, tucked in to your collar.

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Estelle, 5 October 2014

After eating a boiled egg:- Never leave your eggshell unbroken in the cup Think of us poor sailor folk and always smash them up For witches come and find them and sail away to sea And make the life a misery for fishermen like me Or so I was told