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Booted Bantam Chickens

Booted-bantam-white-background Booted-bantam-garden Booted-bantam-walking Booted-bantam-trio

Booted Bantam History

The Booted Bantam has a complex history of breeding and importation. They are most popular in Germany and the Netherlands.

Booted Bantam Varieties

The widest number of varieties can be found in Germany and Netherlands.

Booted Bantam Status

Fairly common

Booted Bantam Pictures

Black one is a booted bantam
Chickens in garden
Chicken in garden
booted bantam pair
Lavender millefleur booted bantam pair
Lavender millefleur booted bantam cockrel
Lavender millefleur booted bantam hen
Lavender millefleur booted bantam cockrel
Lavender millefleur booted bantam quad
Lavender millefleur booted bantam cockrel
Chickens in run
Gold Birchen Booted Bantam at Chartley Chucks
Chicken sitting on post
Chicken in garden
Black Booted Bantam Pullet - Owned by Dikki Boden
show winning booted bantam
my new 3 chickens
Three black brown and white booted bantam chickens on a lawn
Four month old Ziggy Starduct Silver Pekin Booted Bantam
Gold booted bantam / Sablepoot
Mottled buff booted bantams
jens's bantam
Bantam chicken 3 months
Porcelain bearded
Porcelain bearded pullet
Silver quail d'uccles
Light Sussex Mum with Booted Bantam chicks

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- Linda,

I have 2 Belgian Bearded Bantams who free range in a small but densely planted garden with lots of fruit trees. I protect precious plants & vegies from the chooks. One is 11 years old & the other 9, so in my experience they are pretty hardy. I have had about a dozen of this breed over the years & these two have lived the longest, though I have previously had a Belgian Bantam who lived for 7 years. The 9 year old has laid one clutch of eggs a year for the past 2 years in the Australian summer (her last clutch was just before Christmas), but prior to that she would lay an egg every 30 hours or so with pauses of a few weeks between each clutch. The 11 year old laid her last clutch about a year & a half ago. The 9 year old is fit, plump & healthy; the 11 year old is doing poorly now, but still has a good appetite. Both are very friendly & this breed makes excellent pets for children.

very good chicken. pecked out my eyes and now i cant see, but this chicken is cool lowkey. - Stiffening,

amazing chicken. only gets into 5 fights a day

Great little bird - Georgina,

Gorgeous birds, low maintenance, accepting of others into the flock and no damage to garden.

- Bev,

We have mother and daughter Mille Fleurs, they are the friendliest little girls, when we first got them, mum Fleur was 18mths old and daughter Milly was 5 mths old. Our cat decided to check them out mum wrapped her wing around Milly it was so cute to see her protecting her daughter. They are all the best of friends now. We would love to get another one, Milly has been broodie once, I don’t know how we would go borrowing a rooster as our neighbours are not very friendly, they tend to knock everything we do. If anyone in the Bundaberg or surrounding area has a young hen for sale we would love to hear from you. I love my hens I have a debilitating disease so I am unable to do much but I love tending my girls, they keep me going.

The friendliest little chicken - An Omleteer,

I have a Mille Fleur Lemon rooster and he is the most friendly little guy!! I love him. I picked out this tiny floofball the size of my thumb (I have small hands). He would cuddle into my palm and sleep when I'd pick him up. He now comes right to me when he wants attention. He has grown up with 2 pullets much larger than himself and, up until recently, a Giant Light Brahma cockeral. He is so laid back. As we try to integrate them into the flock, our established rooster doesn't seem to view him as a threat and he does not get along with other males. He is very observant and always has an eye to the sky. He may not be big, but when he makes his alert shreak, EVERYONE listens. No hens, so no idea on eggs.