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The Dutch bantam or De Hollandse Krielan has been in existence for a long time and first appeared in Britain in the late 1960s. They are upright little birds with short backs, and a high full breast. The wings are fairly large and long and are carried close to the body. The tail is full and well spread with well developed sickles. The comb is single with five serrations and the beak is short, strong and slightly curved. Ear lobes are small and oval shaped while the wattles are short and round. They have four toes and the legs are unfeathered.


Egg production is limited to the summer months and eggs take only 20 days to hatch instead of the usual 21 days for other breeds. They are good layers, good setters, and good broodies. Because of their small size, Dutch females are only capable of covering a small clutch of eggs. The chicks are very active indeed and need good quality chick crumbs to keep up with their appetites. They usually need these for longer than the usual 8 weeks and also require shallow drinkers to prevent them from drowning if they happen to fall in. Dutch bantams are jaunty little birds and need to be protected from the winter weather. They also need good fencing as they are good fliers.


Gold partridge, silver partridge or duckwing, yellow partridge or duckwing, blue silver partridge or duckwing, blue yellow partridge or duckwing, blue partridge (blue-red), red shouldered white (pyle), cuckoo partridge (crele), cuckoo, black, white, blue and lavender (pearl grey)

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Gorgeously handsome friendly birds -

I purchased some Serama eggs from eBay and only one of them hatched, later I discovered that it wasn't a Serama at all but a Dutch Bantam cockerel. Surprisingly I wasn't at all disappointed as the cockerel is a stunner, he lives with serama and modern game hens and is the friendliest nicest rooster I've ever had the pleasure to own. It's a breed I knew nothing of but will now be pursuing!

brilliant fertile rate - Lancashire,

I have just got 7 silver duck wing Dutch bantam eggs from my friend and I have put them in the incubator, I have just candled them and 6 out of 7 have got something in. Awesome

very lovely bantams -

These are lovely chickens to have pecking around your garden. Ideal for small or large gardens. They lay an egg a day each. Very pleased with this breed.

golden dutch -

the golden dutch chicks are no bigger than a pidgin and lay eggs every over day and love to be out side in the garden , golden dutch chicks can fly but only short distance.

Breeder Clubs for Dutch Bantam

Dutch Bantam Club

Email: christine@compton3.plus.com

Website: www.dutchbantamclub.org/

Telephone: 01962 774476

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