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Nankin Chickens

Nakin female Nakin male

Nankin History

The Nankin is a true Bantam and is about the same size as a Sebright. According to H Easom Smith, they were probably used in the development of the Sebrights, showing that the breed has been around for a very long time. There is a lot of speculation as to where they came from but they were most likely to have been introduced to Britain from India.

Nankin Behaviour

The Nankin is a hardy bird that is slow to mature. They lay a tiny creamy white egg. The hens make excellent brooders and protective mothers. Nankins are able to tolerate being kept in confinement. Some are fliers, some are friendly. The cocks tend to be aggressive.

Nankin Varieties

The body of a Nankin is a buff colour with black main tail feathers. The comb can be either single or rose. The legs are blue or white in colour. The Nankin is the same as the Sebright in type and the New Hampshire in colour.

Nankin Status


Nankin Pictures

I can strut
Freddie in fine form

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Latest Reviews For Nankin (5 of 7)

Great little burbs - Broody,

You need to note that white-legged Nankins are an instant DQ in a show, as are white ears. One of our cockerels managed to take 2nd in variety and breed in The 150th Ohio Nationals. They are the sweetest, tiny birds, with huge personalities. Our lines’ boys have never been mean and that seems to be true for the few other lines I’ve been around. They can be a little flighty, but calm down with handling. Ours lay more frequently than we expected from descriptions and with 2-3 dozen birds, you can’t eat enough eggs to keep up. I consider 2 Nankin eggs to be roughly equal to 1 large standard-sized hen egg. These birds can fly, not like most breeds, but actually take off and fly around for short distances, much like a wild turkey can. So something to keep in mind when choosing an enclosure. They are definitely not meat birds. You might get a couple nuggets out of one if you were try, though I have no idea why you would waste your time. They’re hard to find and were only recently downgraded from critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy.

Wonderful Breed! - Darcy,

Nankins are a wonderful breed, especially for the backyard chicken farmer. They are very friendly, compact, happy to be in the coop, happy to perch on your hand, and produce very small but sturdy eggs. We have had our Nankin hen sit on eggs very successfully. They are often broody, but that can be good if you need a broody hen. Very fun breed, did well during our WI winter in our enclosed, insulated, heated with heat lamps hen house.

My favourite chicken breed. - Ann,

My Nankins have been a total joy. The are very friendly and interactive. Excellent layers and superb broodies. They do stay close to the coop and are wonderful mothers, shepherding their chicks around the garden with great intelligence. The roosters are much more independent and flighty. If I could only have one breed of chicken, it would be the Nankin.

Nankins - rare breed - lovely bantam - An Omleteer,

These are very rewarding bantams to have and are very pretty. Sweet natured, tame and easy to look after. Highly recommend.

Just Brilliant Birds - An Omleteer,

Nankins are probably the best breed of chicken for friendliness and just being small lovely bantams. They are great birds and don't do damage to your garden or try a Great Escape re-enactment! If you want a small friendly bird that will lay and sit eggs and are lovely to look at Nankins are your birds!