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Lovely garden bird - An Omleteer,

What a charming little bird ! They are so friendly and tame. Beautiful to look at and very sweet natured. Mine will come running at the mere sight of a human and will happily sit on my lap being stroked. They have done absolutely no damage to the garden and are stunning to look at. I would love to have more - they are so easy to keep, great to look at, friendly and the garden stays intact ! Don't know about laying yet as mine are still only 12 weeks old.

Booted Bantams - Jack,

I have got a trio of lemon millefleur sablepoots (booted bantams) and I am very impressed by them! Their markings are spectacular! The word "mille fleur" apparently means "thousand flower" in Dutch, I am not surprised by all the spots all over them! They are very friendly little birds but do not really like being picked up, the guy I got them off said that they do like to spend a lot of time in the house and this is true at some parts of the day. Mine have not started laying yet but they are meant to be good layers of smallish tinted eggs. Because of their feathered feat they can not dig up the grass which is another bonus! They are very easy to care for and do not eat bucket loads of food like some breeds! They are a brilliant birds; more people should keep these stylish and sweet little birds!

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