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they're awesome birds for kids - Matilda,

I love Brahmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Brahma's Beautiful Birds - Linda,

I have had 2 cockerels. Joe was my first. He was a proud gold. He looked after his girls and definitely stopped any squabbling and pecking.He had red, green and a ray of colours in his plumage. He was so proud and lived for 8 years. So sad when we lost him. We have Charley now, a Lemon Pyle Brahma. I love him so much. He struts around slowly and elegantly. He is so gentle. He walks up to me. The food lady and tips his head and looks at me. 'well what goodies do you have today'. He trusts me. I just love watching them strut and scratch. They give us beautiful eggs. I feel blessed to have them. Wonderful pets as big as they are, they are so gentle.

10 - Wardak,

My favorite Heritage breed true duel purpose - Tammy,

My hens have laid straight for 14 months + not from hatchery but I am sure they will do just as well . They are Big Meaty birds and very loving, I don't want anything else again . I hope my girls break for winter and we don't use a light.

- Big, Northamptonshire,

Beautiful Friendly Birds - Emily,

My golden brahma hen is the best chicken I have. She is very friendly and calm and lays an egg every day. The gold Brahma is a very attractive bird with gorgeous markings. I would recommend this breed to anyone wanting to keep chickens.

Best ever - Igs,

Friendly, good layers 6 eggs a week

absolute king of chickens - Chris,

ive been keeping brahmas for ten months now before this i had 14 different rare breeds,sold them all and started with a quad of gold brahmas now i have six different colours some trios and some quads, i think these areby far the best breed ive ever had and contrary to reports ive found them great layers of a good sized egg,very friendly hardy and stunning to look at im hooked. ps my favourite colour is still good quality golds.

My absolute favourites. - Rebecca,

I have two Brahma hens - one called 'Ripley', who is black (although she has a partridge-streak on her collar, for some reason) and one called 'Khan' who is grey (again, I know that is not an accepted colour, but I won't breed from them so I don't mind). They are the most wonderful, intuitive birds. Ripley is top of the clan, but fair to others. She actually physically stopped one of the other hens from bullying my silkie (isn't that weird?). She is a keen forager and tears up the ground in search of delightful insects to munch. She leads all the other girls to bed at dusk. The only thing about Ripley that is slightly odd is that her egg song is IMMENSE. It is like she is sounding an alarm for ten minutes; sometimes I feel like I have a cockerel! Khan is such a giant sweetheart - she is a bit goofy as well, so loveable. The eggs are MASSIVE and we have lots of them all week.

I am addicted to the Dark Brahmas - Tammy,

my girls are the first to greet me ,they are gentile giants and eye candy for my fly tying . i love the looks the personality and the eggs . they are amazingly friendly and have a loving nature more then my buff orphintons , Like i said i am addicted anyone have some chicks for sale ?

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