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Sicilian standard -

Hi everybody i am breeding the sicilian hens and rooster in Sicily , here standard is a little bit different, we accept only black, white and wild colours whit strong dark green legs and red ears we tollerate some white point in the female ears

Great chickens!! -

i have two buttercup hens, and they get along great with other chickens!

Very pretty chicken, only fair layer -

I have two of these sweet little hens. They are friendly, and good natured with my other hens. They do not lay every day, so I did not give them high marks in that regard. They lay about every other day, or every third day. The eggs are smallish, and white. These chickens tend towards flight, so you'll have to clip wings or have high fences or an enclosed run. Even though they are not dynamic producers, they are such beautiful little hens that I don't mind having them around.

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